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The beginning is probably the best place to start…

When I was a young child, I had a lot of digestive issues as well as sinus problems. The doctors, in their most intelligent ways, diagnosed me with having issues with my tonsils which were removed at an age at which I don’t even have the memory of the ice cream after (which is to say “a long time ago”).

As it turns out, my tonsils weren’t the issue…I was allergic to milk. From that point on, no more milk (although I could have all the cheese and ice cream that I wanted…go figure).

Fast forward a couple of years (like 30 or so) and we get to a point where my stomach is hurting all the time, made all these weird and interesting noises (let’s face it, it sounded like Jabba The Hutt lived in my body), frequent trips to the bathroom (I won’t say anything more about that) and many phantom pains in my body (shoulders hurt all the time…bad enough it hurt to lift my shoes off the floor, as well as a spot on my back the size of a baseball that always hurt).

Looking at things logically, as you do, I decided there must be something wrong with my stomach. I started to think that maybe I had IBS or something along those lines (and hopefully not the dreaded Crohn’s), so I went to the doctor and got put on some meds that would “take care of the IBS sysmptoms”. They didn’t. On top of that, they ended up making me feel all…trippy. Not something that I wanted!

I was talking after that with my boss at work who mentioned that his wife had Gluten Intolerance and that she had a lot of the same symptoms that I did before she figured it out. I did some research (big surprise there) and decided that yes, indeed, that could very well be the problem. I created an experiment for myself that starting on a Saturday, I would go one week without any Gluten and would see how I felt and would then, on the following Saturday, eat something yummy like a PB&J sandwich to see how I felt after that.

Saturday morning came and I began my experiment…with surprisingly rapid results. By Saturday night, my back was no longer hurting. My stomach wasn’t hurting every single time I ate. I didn’t have to run to the bathroom multiple times a day (well…ok, I would walk fast because running would…well, never mind…you get the idea). My stomach also wasn’t swollen and distended looking.

Sunday, I cooked dinner and used some noodles that I thought were Gluten Free (from here on out, “GF”). I ate dinner and within minutes felt pain in my stomach. Looking up the noodles online…sure enough…wheat flour. That was definitive proof for me.

The week ended with me feeling better than I have in years. No pains anywhere. My stomach feeling great. More energy.

The night before last (please note, this was the start of week 2), Kate and I were watching Food Network on TV and commercials and shows that were on were all about things I couldn’t eat any more. I started crying. “What am I going to do? I can’t eat any of the things I like!” Kate and I talked and she assured me that we could make it through this.

Last night, we decided to have GF Spaghetti. I love spaghetti with garlic bread. Mmm…bread. I digress…sorry. I had these noodles from Heartland that were made from corn and rice. I cooked them up as one would normally cook up but instead of stringy, delicious pasta…I had this gelatinous GOO (there really is no other word for it…well, maybe “rats nest” or “inedible pile of steaming crap” or “THE BLOB!!!”…but you get the point). Pasta is not goo…what is this crap and what am I going to do with it?! After straining it and rinsing it off for about 5 minutes, I was left with maybe 1/2 the package of edible pasta that, when covered with the appropriate amount of sauce (read: a lot…and cheese and red pepper flakes), it wasn’t that bad. I didn’t realize this at first though because I broke down crying again.

What is it with me and crying? WHY? I didn’t lose a loved one. I didn’t lose a limb. I didn’t lose one of my senses. I lost BREAD. I lost PASTA. I lost ALL the good things that I love. Ok, so maybe I did lose a loved one…I lost my food. I lost my comfort. I lost…my friend.

I’m going to make this work…I really am…but right now, it all looks so impossible.

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