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Before I get into my cooking experience last night, I figured I would kinda go over some of the stuff that I have been living with for so long that I think may have been linked to this Gluten Intolerance thing (please note, I’m not a doctor…I’m a computer geek…so I freely admit that some of the symptoms listed below might not be related at all and are purely psychosomatic):

1) Tiredness bordering on exhaustion – There were times that I would come home from work, lay down on the couch and want to sleep. Frequently, I would fall asleep during some of my favorite TV shows.

2) Stomach digestive problems – I could eat breakfast, lunch or dinner and would have to immediately go to the bathroom. From eating to bathroom would sometimes be less than 5 minutes.

3) Stomach pain – I could eat and, even after going to the bathroom, my stomach would hurt…even to the touch.

4) Gas…bad gas – There isn’t much to say about this really. If you’re going through this or have gone through this, you know what I mean.

5) Random body pains – I used to think that I carried my stress with me in a baseball sized spot on my back. The day after I started the GF diet, it was gone.

6) Weight gain – Don’t have much to say about this one…you all know what that means, hehe.

7) Depression – This does make sense, really, if you think about it: Your body is under constant pain, you feel sick all the time, food…the one thing that should comfort you…is your enemy. Who wouldn’t be depressed?!

These are just some of the things that are better now. While I realize that it’s only been 1.5 weeks since I started the diet, the first 5 things listed above are back down to what I think are normal levels. The weight and depression things…well…I’m working on those.

Now, for happy food news! My mom sent me a link that one of her friends uses and on that page was another link to another foodie that made a pie shell that she said was the best ever. Well, as I had just made some home made cherry pie filling the weekend before, I was willing to give it a go! Recipe for the pie shell can be found here.

I have to say that this recipe might possibly be the best pie crust I’ve ever had. Yeah…I know…”Your grandma would be upset with you!” Probably so…but you can’t fault a guy for honesty, can you? It was flaky, yummy and everything else that a good pie crust should be. I would imagine that you could use regular flour and take out the Xantham Gum for those that can eat flour based things. The cherry pie was, in a word, om nom nom (yeah, that’s not “a word”, but you get the idea).

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