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This ain’t easy…

So…I was sitting around last night while waiting on a friend of mine to get online so that we could play a quick game or two, and was feeling rather sorry for myself because of this whole no gluten thing.

If you’re anything like I am, food plays a big part of your life (besides the fact that it’s required to sustain life, I mean…hehe). I hesitate to call myself “a foodie” because, let’s face it, that sounds really pretentious and that’s really not me (the pretentious part…I am not sure, really, about the foodie part). I like to think of myself as just a normal guy…or as normal as a computer geek can be, anyway. I digress…what I mean to say is, as I’ve said before, I really like food.

That’s what makes this so difficult, I think. I sit here, even now, and I start to think about all the things I’m not able to eat any more (I’ll disprove this in a bit, just work with me here): pizza, pie, cake, cookies, bagels, toast, pasta, anything battered and fried, anything with gravy on/in it, anything with MSG (which takes out just about every Asian food place I can think of, as well as some of the goods that people use all the time like Ketchup), as well as various seasonings and flavoring agents (the Onion Powder I had in my pantry had flour in it…go figure).

When I start to think along these lines, as someone who likes food, it gets rather depressing. Imagine not being able to have something that you really like…for the rest of your life. Now, take that feeling and magnify it a couple times…like 20 or so…because it’s not just 1 item that you can’t have…it’s a bunch.

The GOOD thing about all of this is that my paragraph above where I listed things that I can’t have any more isn’t true. I’ve already proven that I can have bread, pizza, pasta (assuming it doesn’t turn into a huge ball of goo) and pie….and I KNOW I’ll be looking for other workarounds for the other things that I like. It’s gonna happen.

I…I will survive…as long as I know how to cook, I know I’ll be (able to eat all the stuff I want and be) alive. Thanks Gloria…

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