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BBQ Beef and Winter

Is there anything better than entering your warm house after traipsing around outside for a little bit in the -10 degree weather, and being surrounded by the pleasing aromas of BBQ beef that has been cooking in the crock pot for the last 9 hours? If there is, right now I’m not sure what it is.

I picked up a 4lb roast the other day while at the store and knew what I wanted to do with it…BBQ Beef. Just the sound of that reminds me of home (which is funny when I think about it because I can’t remember a single time my mom making BBQ Beef…meatballs, yes…but not a roast), and there’s nothing that warms you up better from the inside out than food. That sounds stupid. What I mean is, comfort foods are just that…comforting. They warm the soul just as much as they warm the body.

I ended up following this recipe for the BBQ Beef, taking time to make sure that all the ingredients that I had didn’t have any of the gluten variants in it (especially MSG which seems to seep into just about everything). It’s really a simple thing to do…just dump everything in the crock pot at 7am or so, and then at 5pm, take the beef out and shred it and then let it sit in the sauce for a while and then chow down. For anyone doing Adkins also, though…it does have sugar in it as well as ketchup…so you would have to figure out that stuff.

Ended up taking that and putting it over a baked potato that I chopped up just a little. There is a TON of it left over and I brought some to work with me today for lunch…should be a good body and soul warming meal. Mmmm….

The gluten-free thing is getting better. I don’t have cravings any more for stuff I see in the morning like bagels or donuts. I’m hoping this trend continues.

PS: I forgot to mention I added about 1/4 cup Sriracha…because it’s just awesome like that. Adds a nice kick to the BBQ sauce

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