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Valentine’s Day

Last night, Kate ended up making dinner which was really a nice treat (generally, I cook and she does the dishes and, while I know this isn’t really something that a lot of guys would like, I REALLY like cooking as it’s a good way to de-stress). We ended up having Chicken and Red Sauce over Penne Pasta with some GF bread on the side.

We ended up using De Boles Rice Pasta (from the De Boles line of GF products) and ended up making absolutely no mess as compared to the last time we tried to make pasta (I think the key this time was using a BIG pot of water, and lots and lots of stirring). The pasta cooked up well, wasn’t slimy or anything and had a good flavor and texture (honestly, if you thought about it, you would think it was something along the lines of whole wheat pasta instead of rice…it was that texture, but much better taste as whole wheat pasta always tasted like cardboard to me).

Kate cooked the chicken in the red sauce in the crock pot for an hour or so (maybe 1.5 hours? I don’t know…I didn’t make it!). The bread was the same GF bread mix I used one time from Gluten Free Pantry (they also apparently make pizza dough and corn bread mixes!) and again, it’s really good but has a little bit of a sweet flavor to it, so if you aren’t used to sweet breads (not from animals…I mean bread that is sweet), then you might not like it much.

In looking up what company made the Gluten Free Pantry stuff, I just happened across this site which may just happen to be one of my new favorite sites! I’ve made a bookmark (Ctrl D for those that aren’t geeks) and will be checking back there often.

Anyway…everything is going well with the GF diet thing. I’m losing weight now and am going to be in the market for a way to punch holes in my belt before too long, which is nice!

As always, happy eating!

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