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Biscuits…a REAL southern treat

This weekend, I was treated to a nice three day weekend (as I hope someone else out there was…wasn’t it great?) and I knew that the one thing I wanted to do during my time off was bake. I didn’t know exactly WHAT I wanted to bake, but dang it, I was going to do it anyway (it’s this kind of unfocused enthusiasm that has caused many of the world’s more stressful periods…such as World War 1, Bay of Pigs and pep rallies at my high school).

Biscuits. Does anything REALLY sound better than buttermilk biscuits slathered (isn’t that a great word?!) with butter and your favorite jam? Well, perhaps if bacon was involved…and maybe gravy of some sort, but I digress. That was my goal…to create a true southern style buttermilk biscuit. Did I succeed? Yes…and no…please read on.

A GOOD Buttermilk Biscuit is light, fluffy, flaky, a good buttermilk flavor and just reminds you of home…or grandma’s house…or some other place you could get buttermilk biscuits like Cracker Barrel. I actually don’t remember having buttermilk biscuits at home or at grandma’s house…but that isn’t the point of this, is it?

I did a quick search on the internet and found THIS RECIPE for Buttermilk Biscuits based on Alton Brown’s recipe (the guy happens to be a hero of mine), so I figured, correctly as it turns out, that the flavor would be spot on. I mixed up all the ingredients like it said and was surprised at how wet the mixture was. I mean…wet dough like you accidentally poured water over the top of a good dough…that wet. I re-read the recipe and saw that it said it would be wet…but surely this isn’t what she was talking about. Anyway, I followed the recipe as written…so if you try it and get different results, please let me know (I may have skipped one or five steps, who knows?).

After their brief stint in the oven, I took out the biscuits (or as I like to call them, “Flattened Buttermilk Bread-Like-Substance-That-Resembles-Biscuits”). After getting over how non-biscuit-like they looked, I put a dab (ok, maybe it was a tablespoon or something) of butter on it and then some homemade Cher-Berry (Cherry and Strawberry mixed) jam and took a bite. The texture and flavor were spot-on. Good buttermilk flavor. Light and fluffy. Not flaky, but who cares? All-in-all, a good approximation of a lot of the good things that buttermilk biscuits represent.

Hope your adventures in baking are as “interesting” as mine are. And…in the words of The Chairman’s uncle…a la cuisine! Happy eating!

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