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Going Gluten Free – Interesting Side Effect

Pickles and Jam

So, I’m rapidly approaching my 2 year anniversary for going GF and, I can honestly tell you, it’s getting much easier. That’s not to say that it is EASY…but it’s not near as bad as I thought it was going to be…which is a really good thing.

As you can see above (the picture, mind you), we’ve been doing some canning over the last couple months. I honestly can’t recall how many quart jars of pickles, beets and jam that we’ve put away, but there are quite a few of each. The pickles are saltier than the store-bought ones, and I couldn’t figure out why that was until I realized that I was using the recipe for pickled green beans (which would logically require more salt). We happen to like them the way they have come out, so I guess that’s all good. If anyone ever has problems with too much sodium, however…we’ll have to adjust that a bit. The beets were good also and the jam…well, you can never go wrong with home made strawberry jam. We also tried our hand at Huckleberry Jam but, having never made it before, we neglected to strain all the pulpy stuff out…so it’s a bit grainy. Still edible…but grainy. Lessons learned.

Made some gumbo this last weekend and already have plans to tweak it a bit to make it better. I won’t mention which recipe I used (I’ll say it was by the one chef I enjoy watching, though)…but once I get everything perfect, I’ll post it up for critique. This weekend, we’re making more and it’s going to be better.

Anyway, the title suggests that something has happened that wasn’t expected and, while that is true, to some extent I should have realized this would be en effect. February 2012, we had a weight screening at work and I was frustrated with my weight, but didn’t put too much worry into it as the first couple months of 2012 were BUSY (bought a house, got married, moved our office into a new building). Since then, and as of this morning, I weigh exactly 53 lbs less than I did then. I freely admit that I’ve been trying to watch what I eat a little better, but that hasn’t stopped us from eating Chicken Fried Steak, spaghetti (with rice noodles, of course) and whatever else we want…just being mindful of how much we eat. It’s made a huge difference.

Why this wasn’t really expected is that it hadn’t dawned on me that, as every time I ate I got sick, my body was basically in starvation mode and was holding onto as many calories as it could. Nothing would stay in me long enough to digest! Now…well, now everything is “normal” (I put it in quotes because this IS me I’m talking about here, and “normal” isn’t a word I would use to describe myself).

Anyway, that was good news and an excellent way to end this post. Happy eating!

  1. January 14, 2013 at 5:52 pm

    I have been gluten free for a while now too due to health issues. It does get “easier” but not ‘easy’. I also have found canning and I have always made my own baked good etc, so that part I just changed to gluten free šŸ™‚ I haven’t had much weight loss, but hope I will. šŸ™‚

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