About me and why I’m doing this…

If you are reading this, either you know who I am, or you did a search and found my page. Either way…welcome.

I don’t know really where to begin…ok, now I do: I love food. I really do. Not in a perverted sort of swim in sour cream and bathe in spaghetti sauce kind of way…but the flavors, the textures, the adventures that food brings to the senses. When I eat something, it’s like I FEEL the food…not just the ingredients that make up the food, but the thoughts and emotions that those ingredients conjure up. Does that make sense?

If you take the above…it sounds great. Well, it sounds great to me, anyway (this is, after all, my blog so anything I write SHOULD sound good to me…hah!).

Unfortunately, through some experimentation and research online, I’ve determined that I have Gluten Intolerance. What is Gluten Intolerance? Well…gluten is a protein chain that grains such as wheat have inside them that gives what products the chewy texture. It makes it more elastic. And I can’t have it.

Well. That sucks. I don’t mind telling you. Bread, cake, pie crust, biscuits, pasta, batter (for fried things), tortillas, some seasonings (pretty much anything with MSG)…the list goes on and on. Take every comfort food that you can think of and I would be willing to bet that, in one form or another, gluten is in there.

To say I’m having a hard time adjusting to this concept is really an understatement. I feel like I’ve lost one of my best friends. I’ve lost a limb. I’ve lost something near and dear to me. I’m grieving.

This blog, and the contents therein, are my catharsis. I will vent. I will show emotion. I will grow. I will survive.

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